“Looks like you have a cavity.”

The daunting words no one wants to hear from their dentists. Since we were little, we were told not to eat too many sweet and to always brush our teeth, if we were to avoid the horrid monsters that are cavities. For many, this fear of cavities has transgressed into adulthood.

But the thing is, cavities don’t have to be a big deal!

The technical term of a cavity is damage done to the teeth that has resulted in the creation of tiny holes. Cavities don’t necessarily come from eating copious amounts of sugar, rather they tend to occur from everyday activities. Snacking, sipping sugary drinks, and forgetting to floss are some of the ways you can get cavities.

So, don’t be too hard on yourself for eating that extra piece of chocolate cake (just make sure to brush your teeth afterwards). Either way, cavities are bound to happen sometime or another.

Cavities come from the building up of bacteria that eat away at your teeth, thus creating these tiny holes. So, cavities form from the way you clean your teeth, rather than what you eat.

Although cavities may not a daunting thing, they should not go ignored. Cavities can be a good indicator that your dental hygiene routine may not be as effective as you thought it may be. If you get a cavity, maybe take your time to perhaps getter a stronger a toothpaste, or brush your teeth a little better.

Along with being ignored, cavities should not be left untreated. They quite insignificant when they first appear, however if completely ignored, they can grow deeper and more troublesome. An untreated cavity can lead to toothache, infection, or even complete tooth loss.

So when you get a cavity, don’t fret. Simply make the earliest appointment with your dentist to have them assess the cavity and provide a treatment plan. More often than not, your dentist will simply clean the cavity and fill it in. Depending on your cavity and dental needs, fillings can range from gold to porcelain to an amalgam. Fillings allow the teeth to return to its regular shape and function, without allowing any more bacteria to get in.

If the cavity is in a more precarious situation, the dentist will deal according to your specific situation.

Moral of the story: cavities are not a big deal. Just keep your teeth and gums clean and treat your cavities as soon as you can, and you can end up with a very happy mouth.