Endodontics and Root Canals

Endodontics is the dental specialty mainly concerned with saving your teeth, rather than resorting to extraction or replacement. Endodontists have an additional two years of advanced education and training. They specialize in maintaining teeth through endodontic therapy – procedures which involve saving the soft inner tissue of the teeth, called the pulp or nerve. Endodontic therapy is more commonly known as root canal therapy, or more simply, a root canal.

Root canals and root canal retreatment are sometimes necessary in order to save a tooth that is decayed or infected. Dr. Orlandini makes the procedure as comfortable as possible so you can get back to your life as soon as possible.

During your first visit of root canal therapy, after the infected pulp is removed, a temporary filling will be applied. A follow-up visit will be required to apply a more permanent filling. Molars or premolars are typically protected with a crown that covers the cusps of the tooth. Anterior teeth usually do not require full protection of the tooth, unless there is extreme tooth loss from decay.

In most cases, root canals help save or preserve your existing tooth from future infection and pain. On occasion, endodontic retreatment is required if infection or a dental abscess occurs due to poor sealing of a previous root canal. Crowns must be sealed perfectly to prevent a root canal leak which allows for microbial invasion. In addition, a tooth with root canal treatment still has the possibility of decay if proper home care is not administered.

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